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When my family purchased a new home several years ago, we were excited to grow vegetables and plant a perennial border. We soon discovered we were surrounded by backfill and poorly laid sod. Little by little, we've removed grass, amended soil, and replaced invasive weeds with native plants. Our backyard is now a wildlife habitat, and we grow vegetables in raised beds year-round. Though we've come a long way from the barren, muddy field we first encountered, creating an eco-friendly, beautiful landscape is an ongoing effort and constant learning experience. Above all, I've learned that what we plant and how we care for our land effects every living thing that passes through it. 

Join us on our mission to build an eco-friendly habitat, grow organic food, and sustain the small plot of earth we claim. My garden is far from perfect, and like everyone else, I have multiple competing priorities. I've learned that making a commitment to spend a small amount of time in the garden several days a week makes more sense than trying to accomplish everything all at once and becoming frustrated.  I'll use this blog to share my Ten-Minute/Ten-Step Garden Plans for weekdays when I have spare time here and there. Occasionally, I go into weekend warrior mode, when I devote myself (and other innocent bystanders) to more complex tasks that will save time in the long run. I'll share tips on how to use valuable extra time to conserve water, compost, and implement sustainable pollinator-friendly practices. Eating healthy food is a big part of vegetable gardening, so I'll post weekly fresh recipes on my Eat What You Sow page. Stay in touch by signing up to receive email updates. I never share email, but I love to hear from you on what works and what doesn't. 

When I'm not digging in my backyard, I work as a free-lance writer. I also teach nature classes and help local schools design native gardens, wildlife habitat gardens, and organic vegetable gardens. I'm a certified Master Gardener at Green Spring Gardens and a Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Food Volunteer. 

The views expressed in this blog are purely my own. 

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  1. nurturing the nature will reward you in return.