Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15

What better way to celebrate tax day than to stroll around the garden and see all of that hard work pay off! It's an overcast day here in Fairfax, VA, perhaps due to the long line at the post office blocking the sun. Nonetheless, today is beautiful, because the multitude of blooms reminds me that brighter days are right around the corner.
The Bluebell Trail at Shenandoah River State Park is absolutely dazzling.

Here are a few of the stand-out blooms in my garden, as well as a few unique species I spotted at the Andy R. Guest Shenandoah River State Park last weekend. Can anyone help identify them? A local naturalist told me that these blooms are very rare; in fact, the only occurrence in VA may be along the Culler's Trail at SRSP! I'm waiting to hear back from another local expert to confirm the i.d., but I'd love to hear ideas, in the meantime. The bluebells were outstanding!

Corydalis flavula

Growing between roots and rocks, this creeping, candy-tuft
like flower clearly doesn't mind dry conditions.

Probably Hepatica

These are most likely bluets.

And now for my own garden:

Phlox subulata

Serviceberry blooms light a southwest corner of the garden.
Soon, the berries will emerge to feed the birds.

Magnolia soulangeana brightens a woodland corner.

Dicentra eximea, newly unfurled.

Hellebores standing strong.

Heavily scented hyacinths perfume a woodland path.

Camellia sassanqua survives zone 7 winters, and even stretches into 6b. 

Turnip greens add a touch of gold to the vegetable garden.

More hellebore...

Alas, dandelions...should I eat them? 
Creeping vinca invades my yard, thanks to the HOA's landscaping plan.


  1. Beautiful!
    I especially like the purplish Hellebore
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Great blooms! One of the un-identified wild flowers is Hepatica. I see them on my walks around Ohio parks as well. Nice blooms in your garden! I envy you for bing able to grow Camellia!

  3. Thanks for the tip-off on Hepatica, and for your comments!