Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Girl Scout "I Can't Wait To..." Campaign

I'm taking a side-step today to help promote the Girl Scout "I can't wait to..." campaign.
 The campaign is designed to help increase the number of girls participating in Girl Scouts and the number of adult volunteers leading troops, supporting Girl Scouts, and partnering with leaders to make Girl Scouts an exciting and fulfilling experience. As a Girl Scout leader, I've had that "I can't wait" feeling many times. I can't wait for each Girl Scout meeting, because I have the privilege of working with the girls to  build healthy eco-systems, support pollinators, and investigate creepy-crawlies - we love to get our hands dirty in the garden and witness the changes we make happen with our own hands. Past projects have included replacing invasive plants with native nectar sources for butterflies and other wildlife. We also partnered with the Virginia Bluebird Society to build, install, and monitor bluebird boxes in a nearby park. And these are Daisy Girl Scouts - even the youngest girls get the experience the sense of achievement they get from making an impact.

Here's a message from Girl Scout CEO Anna Maria Chavez about how you can participate. Be sure to watch the video by video of Michelle Obama, the honorary Girl Scout National President.

"You can read about it on the Washington Post website here, and the nationally syndicated television show The Daily Buzz has done a segment with a volunteer and two Girl Scouts that is airing across the country. You can view the segment online. ... the campaign focuses on that can-hardly-sleep-because-you're-waiting-for-the-next-day feeling. The campaign is designed to show girls and adults that with us, they'll have tons of fun and always have something to be excited about. And we're excited about making a bunch of new friends and having more volunteers be the role models she'll always remember. So tell everyone you know about Girl Scouts, the First Lady's video, and the new experiences they can have with us. This is going to be a great year for our Movement. Thank you for everything you do for our girls.

Anna Maria Chávez
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of the USA"

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