Friday, October 18, 2013

Bee Happy Garden

Dear readers,
I am revamping my website to focus on the importance of bees, other pollinators, and indigenous plants in the suburban landscape. Gardening in my backyard opened my eyes to the tremendous influence humans exert on the ecosystem, even when landscaping the smallest spaces. What we chose to plant, how we treat our soil and lawns, and how we utilize natural resources impacts the creatures whose homes we've torn down and recreated as "backyards".  If we fail to support the bees, birds, and other wildlife that need specific plants to survive, we jeopardize our sources of food and water, our climate, and ultimately our future. A bee happy garden is a garden created in partnership with nature, for the benefit of all.

I will continue to share my experiences as a suburban gardener, including plant choice, soil and water management, vegetable gardening, healthy recipes from the garden, tips, and local events that support plants and wildlife. I hope you'll bookmark the new web address, chime in, and join me on this journey.

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