Monday, September 20, 2010

Child Nutrition Act

Slow Food USA is a group that promotes healthy, organic, accessible food. They're a driving force behind a bill to promote better nutrition in schools. Many kids get their main meal of the day in school cafeterias. We owe it to them to make it a nutritious one. School meals can  provide the energy kids need to get through the day. The right lunch for kids won't leave them hopped up on sugar or toting around loads of cholesterol. Here's the message from Slow Food. Remember: your voice counts. This is what some kids were eating at school recently:

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to make sure America's school children get the food they deserve. The House is poised to pass the Child Nutrition Act, which would improve the quality of school lunches.

But there's a real risk they'll pass an underfunded version that takes money from food stamps. Can you send a quick message to your House Rep pushing them to fund and pass the better version of the Act?

Already, Slow Food supporters have done so much to get us to this point. Over 100,000 emails have been sent, countless phone calls to Congress made, and 20,000 of us gathered for an 'Eat-In' all over the country.

Now, with only days before the Act is due to expire, we need one last push to get this over the line. 

House Reps have two versions of this Bill sitting on their desks - one of which (the version passed by the Senate) which takes money out of the food stamps program, and one which does not. Right now, each Rep is deciding which version to vote for.

A quick email from you, their constituent, could be the difference:

This campaign has shown us the power of our grassroots movement - everyday Americans from coast to coast, united by their concern for the health of our kids, and willing to take action on it. Let's make sure we don't falter at this last hurdle, and tell Congress: It's Time for Lunch.

Thanks for getting us this far,
Jerusha, for the Slow Food team

PS - Two versions of the Child Nutrition Act sit before The House at the moment, and they have only days to decide which one they'll pass. Click here to send a quick email to your Rep asking them to pass the version which doesn't take money from the food stamps program.

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